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Virgin blonde natural highlight hair

$ 800.00
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This hair was freshly cut yesterday, and is 100% virgin hair. Naturally highlighted, lightly layered, and a soft natural wave. No products have been used on the hair, and the hair has never been dyed/colored/treated. I eat very healthy foods and take care of the hair by shampooing and conditioning with dove products 2-3 times per week. I constantly get comments on how beautiful my hair is; length, color, and the natural wave. Hair has been straightened/curled rarely-about twice per year.
I hope to share this beautiful hair with you, as it has brought me many compliments! Takes curls well and holds curls, straightens easily.
There are 8 pieces included in the sale:
Piece 1:
length: 15 inches; diameter: 2 mm
Piece 2:
length: 15 inches; diameter: 3 mm
Piece 3:
Length: 14 inches; diameter : 2mm
Piece 4:
Length: 14 inches; diameter: 1.5mm
Piece 5:
Length: 12.5 inches; diameter: 1.25 mm
Piece 6:
Length: 12 inches; diameter: 2mm
Piece 7:
Length: 13 inches; diameter: 1mm
Piece 8:
Length: 12 inches; diameter: 1mm