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23.5 inch ( 60 cm ) Vigin Brown Male hair
I work out every day, drink a minimum of 4l of water every day and eat exclusiveley home cooked organic meals from the farmers market ( locally sourced from some of my farmer frineds ). Primary diet consists of red meat, potatoes, spinach, kale, and other fuits and vegetables.

Never used a dryer since i started growing it it has been exclusiveley towel dried. Washed 2-3 times a week, once a week i take a bath and let the shampoo sit on my hair before rinsing.
Also I don't smoke.

I have better hair than any female i met ( or so I'm told by them and my barber as well).
The hair has been sealed in a vacum bag and drained of air then wrapped in a plastic bag to keep it from drying out. It's been freshly cut.