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*cut,then will shave it to 0 with a clipper.The buyer could masturbate and cum on my hair before or after cutting as well.Nothing else could happen,like other sexual stuff.The cut could have a fantasy story like forced cut.It could be recorded for only a personal use.After we done,the buyer could take all my cut hair.The buyer must be a dilettante hair dresser,has got a hair fetish and cut many people's hairs before.My fiance is also will be there with us.He also enjoys if I get a hair cut by someone.I get paid the first and in cash,no cheque etc.I accept USD or its equivalent to EUR/GBP.The buyer should know how to use a clipper.I'll get a cut just with a clipper,not with a razor.And,just hair cut,not eyebrows cut.The buyer could come to my country.The charges of the tickets and the accommodation belongs to the buyer.But,I can help to find the flights/hotels, if desired.The city could be anywhere in Azerbaijan.After the cut,if the buyer would like then,I could show around.And,the fees belong to me.It is 'cause welcoming guests is important according to Turkic culture.Or me and my fiance could visit the customer's country if the buyer book my tickets then.If you're truely interested in buying and if my conditions,'re OK for you,then contact me,please.But,do not think about scamming me,'cause it will not work.The price is 6000 USD.Mention at your first message that you're contacting for the hair,please.
eMail/Hangouts aveyizehelasuv@gmail.com
WhatsApp/Phone +90 531 815 83 95