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I have already mentioned in my previous add that,I am a model.You could read my previous two adds as well.I have been working as a webcam/parts model for 3 years.So,I sell the videos/photos of my hair till i cut it.For a 30 minutes hair fetish video,the price is 100 USD.For a photo 50 USD.I accept its equivalent in EUR/GBP as well.I get the payment first through Western Union/UPT/Zolotaya Korona,you give me the tracking code,when I withdraw the amount,right after that,I send your video through eMail/Skype/WhatsApp/Hangouts.The video includes pulling/sucking/washing/swinging/knitting my hair and cutting a bit of it etc.My face will also be seen.If you have a special request you could tell while contacting me.Please,mention what you contacte for.
eMail/Hangouts/Skype aveyizehelasuv@gmail.com
WhatsApp/Phone +90 531 815 83 95