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$ 450.00
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- 22 year old female, I don't smoke, live and work in a non-smoking environment, balanced and adequate diet
- never bleached or dyed, never styled with heat, always air dried
- washed 1-2 times a week with high quality, natural shampoo and conditioner, treated with deep hair conditioner every 2nd week, treated with hair oils regularly in summer to prevent drieness
- 18 inches (45 cm) long, 4 inches thick, natural faint ombre, fades from brown to a lighter, warmer brown, to be freshly cut by a professional

Thank you for your interest in my hair! I am grateful for serious, appropriate offers that take into consideration the years, effort and money spent to grow and maintain healthy long hair. I am going to cut and donate it to charity otherwise. I originally planned to donate, but I'm in need of some money. I am happy to answer any questions!