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I'm 25, a Caucasian Turk female. I live in Ganja, Azerbaijan. I don't smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, use any kind of narcotics. I am a lacto-ovo-vegetarian. I don't have any kind of diseases. I'm healthy, so my hair's. I've never been in a swimming pool. So,my hair's never been damaged 'cause of chlorine.I work as a model.So,I earn from my hair already.I've a hair fetish,so I enjoy when someone cuts my hair.I got my last hair cut in a bob cut for a fee by someone who had a hair fetish.It's 6 years ago.My hair's 100% virgin.Its length's 75+ cm/30" & wide is 10+ cm/4".Its color's naturally black with natural highlights from sun.I've never dyed,blow dried my hair.It's never been straightened before,I have never used any balsams,creams or any chemicals to make it straight,' cause my hair's already naturally straight,shiny,silky itself.I wash it day after day/twice in a week with a shampoo.After the wash,I let it dry it itself/a towel dry/air dry in minimum warmth.I change the brand of shampoos once in six months/a year.It doesn't have split ends that clearly can be seen.I get a trim/cut for split ends once in a month.My hair's a nice smell.I let my hair open or make braids like French braid.I'm not hurry to get a cut.So I could wait for a serious customer.The first,the buyer'll give the money in cash to me.Then,at the moment/right after the payment,could wash my hair,dry and brush it,then cut it with a clipper in a burr cut*The space isn't nough.For the rest,read the second add