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African-American afro hair at a good cost. Going a bit down from the recommended $300 for a quicker sale and due to split ends. Never has been dyed, chemically treated, flat ironed, or put into a weave. Length is on average 8 inches, with the very top being around 9-10. Thickness is a bit over a foot in length using a string, but I decided to play is safe at 10". Will be posted on multiple sites, so I will notify buyers if they were late. Please contact me with any questions. Proceeds will go to charity due to the fact that Wigs For Kids straightens hair and I would prefer just to give a monetary donation than have the hair straightened. I will be cutting the hair myself, but if you would rather cut it yourself or have it done at a salon, that money will come out of the donation. If you want additional photos or have questions, ask at yukithesmith@tutanota.com