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Black/Brown Virgin Hair ~ Thick, Strong, Beautiful ~ 14-inches

$ 199.00
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About my hair
• Virgin hair
• Almost black (very dark brown)
• Healthy, thick, strong hair
• Recently trimmed
• I’m of Mexican and Caucasian descent

Hair-care and lifestyle info
• Washed once a week sometimes twice
• Use an organic shampoo with natural ingredients (Christina Moss Naturals)
• Never blow dried or heat treated in any way
• Never use any hair-styling products
• Non-smoker
• Healthy eater (mostly vegan for 10 years)
• Have been taking a multivitamin, B-complex, and flaxseed oil for years

Thank you for your interest! I will cut and send you my hair after payment for hair and shipping has been sent to my PayPal account.

Have a great day! 🙂