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12 inches of Beautiful Long Brown/Hazel Virgin Hair with Natural Auburn highlights.

$ 250.00
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My hair is completely and 100% virgin. I am 17 and I have never died it or done anything of the sort. I have no layers so it has the same thickness all the way through. I take good care of it and wash about every 2 days. it is not yet cut so if you would like to be present for the cut, that option is still available. (i know some people like that) Previously I have donated my hair twice. It is a brown color, but has lovely natural auburn highlights, especially when in the sun. the color is rich and contains many natural shades. My hair also got a recent trim so the length will be nice and thick all the way down. (No split ends) It's partially wavy and has body, though each individual strand is very fine. It's silky smooth but it thick enough to do whatever you want with it without being annoyingly thick. I have not abused it with constant hot irons or any other such instrument. My use of a flat iron has been very sparingly and non thorough in order to preserve my hair in the best way.