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11.5 inches of Virgin, Straight & Silky Strawberry-Blonde Hair

$ 250.00
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Virgin, Blonde, Silky Soft Hair!
This hair is bouncy, Straight and Blonde with Strawberry-Blonde highlights in sun. It is more of a dark ashy blonde indoors.
Couldn't decide if it was a very light auburn or dark blonde, so posting under blonde!
Stays consistently straight, never frizzes under changed weather or humidity conditions.
Some split ends at the very end of the hair, shown in closeup. I reduced length 1/2 in. to account for these.
Not treated in any way. Rarely Blow-Dried (maybe once a month), Never straightened, Curled 0-2 times a year.
Washed 2-3 times/week, used Pantene Pro-V Shampoo and Conditioner faithfully.
Non-Drinker, Non-Smoker
Ate a healthy, balanced diet mostly of fruits and vegetables. Stayed well-hydrated.
Ate fish weekly (never tilapia, mostly salmon or tuna), so plenty of Omega-3 Vitamins.
Rarely ate red meats, avoided starches.
Pictures show hair in different lights, cut and uncut. I did blow-dry my hair for the photo of it uncut, only because of bedhead!
Last picture shows hair on a black piece of paper so the color is a bit distorted. The blonde highlights really stand out, though.
Can send more pictures if requested!