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Virgin Filipino & Arabic Black healthy hair 15" long & 3" thick Natural waves non-smoker non-drinker

$ 450.00
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Virgin Hair; Never dyed, Never Permed, Never straightened, Never blow dried!
Never used curlers!

I never have time to style my hair and I'm not a party person so i guarantee/swear/promise that my hair is 100% natural and was never altered or styled in any way whatsoever!

Color: Ebony Black

Filipino & Arabic Strong Black thick healthy hair

Layered hair 15" long & 3" thickness
Shortest layer is 9"

Natural waves

80% organic diet
Vegetarian diet
I eat alot of protein every day in eggs, cheese and Tofu.

Shampoo 1-2 times a week
Not using any hair product besides high quality shampoo and conditioner