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Thick Wavy Virgin Hair

$ 300.00
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I have two sections of freshly, professionally cut hair. Each section is 10'' in length and total 3'' thick. My hair is it's own unique color so I don't like to classify it. My hair is dye free. I included pictures of what my hear looks like in different temperatures and different lighting. I only air dry my hair and do not use styling products. The only thing used on my hair is tea tree oil shampoo by OGX and the Moroccan and argan oil conditioner by the same company. I only wash hair as needed and once a week I used a conditioning mask called Miracle Hair Mask by it's a 10. Although my hair is very wavy, and curly in some part, the hair is also a very soft texture. The hair is in very good condition. Feel free to contact me with any questions and I'll consider any offer.