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I am from Philippines. I have a healthy, natural black hair color and a natural brown highlights when sunlight strikes on my hair. Also, my hair is naturally straight and smooth. People would often ask me if I just did a straightening treatment on it, but it's just really straight.

I've been growing my hair long since December 2014 and I never cut or trim it since then. Just this late March 2016, I decided to color my hair with L'Oreal hair color so from my natural black hair with brown highlights, it turned chestnut brown. From then on, I don't know if I could still call my hair "virgin" from that dying/coloring treatment I did with a stylist at Tony & Jackey salon. But I am not regretting it because it still is the same healthy, straight and smooth hair I have but with a different color now.

I regularly wash it. I am not blow drying it. I just let it dry in the air and comb it. I do not smoke. I never used recreational drugs.

I could send you some pictures of my hair just e-mail me at ragotandream@gmail.com