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Black asian virgin hair

$ 380.00
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Hi! Im Elaine, Im selling my hair at a fair price. Length is 20 inches and thickness is 3.5 inches. It's black, soft and shiny. It has some little split ends due to long time no hair cut/trim. Has no lice as well. I wash it 3 times a week with shampoo and sometimes conditioner. Towel-dry after wash. I don't smoke and drink. I am not exposed to sun and pollution that much because I'm always at home. I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits everyday. I drink a lot of watet everyday. I also take vitamin E lately. My hair has no salon treatments and chemicals, never been dyed and colored.

Buyer shoulders the tax/shipping/handling fee. No return or warranty. Salon will cut the hair as soon as the payment has been settled thru paypal only. I don't accept money order or check.

Should you have further concerns, feel free to send me an email at elainelavado010613@gmail.com

Thank you and God bless!