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Virgin,90 cms+ hair.

$ 2,500.00
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I'm 25 years old.I'm a Turk from Azerbaijan.I never smoke ciggarettes,use narcotics or drink alcohol.I'm a vegetarian.I mean I'm a healthy one so my hair's too.I wash my hair day after day with shampoo.I used to dry it with air dry.Nowadays I leave it dry its ownself.My hair's a virgin hair.It's long,natural,black,shiny,silky and straight hair.Its lenght's 90 cms+,its wideness's 8 cms+. Whenever you'll pay the price,I'll go to a salon/beauty parlor and get a professional cut.The first I'll get paid then I'll send you the hair.I also have a hair fetish.So if you also have I sell its videos till I cut and sell it.You must pay 50$ for a 10 minutes video.I'll pull my hair,cut a bit of it,wash it,smell it and do your special requests on the video.And I'll show my face on the video.I accept money from all over the world via Western Union or to my bank account.If you're interested in please contact me through my eMail aveyizehelasuv@gmail.com or WhatsApp/Skype +994 55 609 81 90 (The name is my WhatsApp and Skype accounts).Thanks.