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12-14 inches of Dark Honey Blonde Hair

$ 220.00
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I have straight dark honey blonde hair that gets lighter towards the ends, naturally from the sun. I won't lie or try to trick anyone; the 12-14 inches of hair I'll be cutting off is NOT virgin hair. I stopped dying my hair a little over a couple years ago. My hair is quite soft and fine. I don't use heat or products on my hair besides oils or leave in conditioners. I am gluten and soy free and avoid dairy as much as I can. I eat healthy, having fruits and veggies every day and take vitamins every day. After showering at night, I leave my hair in a soft hair towel so that it stays moist the whole night and is shiny and soft in the morning. I do this on a regular basis, and mostly wash my hair every other day. My scalp produces a lot of oil, keeping my hair healthy and nourished.
I am open to, and will consider offers. Thank you for taking the time to read this:)