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I don’t drink or smoke, I wash my hair every 2-4 days. Every 2-3 days when it’s very hot or during summer, 3-4 days during cold weathers like winter and airdry 9/10 times and 1/10 times I blow dry my hair on cool setting. I have been growing my hair since 2009 with light trims on the edges. 25-30 inches 65-73 cm from the bottom to the crown of my head and the thickness is 13.5cms/5.3 inches. I have never bleached, permed or dyed my hair. I curl it or iron it less than once a year on a special occasion. My hair is easy to take form, especially after braiding. Which is the picture above 3 days after braiding. If you want more details please email me (ninjin2000@yahoo.com)