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33 cm/ 13" virgin hair. Read the details, please.

$ 135.00
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About the hair: 100% human's. 14 years old girl's. Non-smoker's. 100% Azerbaijan-Caucasian's. 100% virgin. It has been cut by professionals at a beauty parlor some weeks ago. 33 cm/ 13 inches length. 9 cm/ 4 inches wide. Naturally black.

Payment: I get paid the first, then I send it via cargo.
Accepted from all over the world. I prefer Western Union, UPT/ Zolotoya Korona, but Payeer, Neteller, Paxum, Payoneer etc. are also OK.
Payment charge belongs to the buyer. Cargo charge belongs to the seller.

Contact: If you are truely interested in buying, need hairs for cheap prices and my conditions are OK for you, then contact me, please. If scam, then don’t even try! Please, mention at your first message that you are contacting for the hair.
eMail/ Hangouts aveyizehelasuv@gmail.com

The price: 135 USD and it is final.

Note: According to hairsellon.com its price should be 367$. According to justsellmyhair.com it is 283.60$.