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25" thick unique virgin blonde w/ natural highlights

$ 1,800.00
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I have been growing my hair for 3 years with the intentions to sell it, so I have been eating healthy, taking daily vitamins, drinking protein shakes. I do not smoke or drink, I have never used chemicals or dyes on my hair and never used heating devices like blow dryers and straighteners so my hair is strong, healthy and undamaged. I get it trimmed regularly so there are no split or dead ends. My hair is a natural light blonde, with natural highlights and lowlights, you can see from the pictures that it is medium blonde in the center and very very light on top and the pictures are great but they still do not do it any justice. It is 25 inches on my head but after cutting it to sell, it will most likely be 22-24 inches long. Pulled up in a tight ponytail it measures 4 1/2 - 5 inches around which is very thick hair. Look at the picture of it pulled up in a bun and see how thick that is plus you can see the texture of the strands and how healthy they are. I don't wash my hair daily, I use tresseme shampoo and conditioner made specifically for anti-breakage and moisturizing. If I have left out any details please feel free to email me or my wife, or call us at any time to ask questions and if we don't answer please leave a VM. I will leave our contact info below. Thank you and have a blessed day.
Josh Knight-
(678) 557-0593
Lori Knight- (my wife)
(678) 320-8358