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Virgin Golden Blonde

$ 700.00
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I would like to sell 19 inches. It is about 4 1/4 inches in circumference. My hair color is considered honey blonde, or golden blonde.
Quite the enigma, my hair has 2 different growth patterns. The crown and front of my hair is straight, and the underside has mermaid waves that are completely natural. All of my hair is soft in texture.
I am a healthy woman and also do not smoke or drink alcohol. I take a multivitamin daily. I wash my hair 2-3 times per week with sulfate-free shampoo. Once a month, twice during the winter I have done natural homemade moisture treatments on my hair and scalp.
I also have my hair trimmed regularly which helps it to be almost as thick on the bottom as it is on the top.
I have performed the 4 hair health tests (tug, porosity, sink and follicle) and my hair passed every one beautifully.
My hair will work beautifully for wigs, dolls, crafts or gardening. I have other pictures and can take different pictures if you need them.

Please only message me if you are interested. Thank you.