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$ 350.00
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13-14 inches of Virgin, wavy brown hair, with beatiful faint Auburn highlights depending on the light type.
Incredibly shiny, soft and thick (3.9''): its quality and health has been noticed by anyone.

Washed with high quality products once a week, never used chemicals, never dyed or tiled, cut very few times, I don't use hair dryer even in winter.
I am an Italian man, mixing North and southern Italy's origins; I am a very sporty man and I follow a healthy and balanced diet, with exclusively organic food and an excellent supply of vitamins and minerals. Never smoked or drank.

You can offer me a different price, The hair will be sold to the Best offer.
It will be cut by a professional in a salon, cut and shipment will take place as soon as the payment has been successfully completed.

Available to agreements on how to cut and other garancy measures for buyer!