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$100 off today! 30 inches, 100% healthy, luxurious, baby soft BLONDE virgin hair!

$ 450.00
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Hello prospective Hair Buyer! My name is Pastor Mike with The Universal Life Church. My Christian Ministry focuses, in very large part, on extensive charitable volunteer work, donations and contributions to both children in need of medical attention, as well as our valued senior citizen community being properly provided for in assisted living, hospitals and hospice care facilities.

As such, my parishioners and I do various acts of great kindness and self sacrifice to help ensure the active achievements of our charitable work, like raising funds and donations for the aforementioned charities.

Thank you in advance for doing your part for humanity, helping out and receiving brand new real and luxurious virgin human hair that is going to simply look fabulous and amazing on your head shortly hereafter, or one of your devoted clients! Hands down!

The Hair specifics are as follows:

1. 100% real healthy, luxurious, VIRGIN human hair! $100 off today!
2. Hair color and length: BLONDE /30 inches length!
3. Never been dyed, bleached or permed!
4. The female donator here does not drink, smoke or do drugs!
5. The hair is NOT washed daily, so you are assured full, lively, shiny hair that is never dull and NO split ends!
6. All of this top notch real virgin hair quality at savings of OVER $100 OFF on the websites’ suggested rock bottom retail price! See the pricing photo herein confirming that too! This hair offer simply won’t last! Act now!