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Light auburn virgin 12-13 inch healthy hair for sale!

$ 350.00
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Light auburn virgin 12-13 inch healthy hair, there are tones of blonde, strawberry, rose gold, and copper in this virgin hair. Even thickness (measuring 4 inches around the base of the ponytail) and well taken care of and full of life and shine all the way out to the ends. My hair is Swedish and English giving it a fine strand and high density. The texture is very easily managable with a slight wave and holds natural styling very well, as I dont use heat. As far as styling products I dont use much, just a natural shampoo and conditioner with the occasional mask and an oil after the shower to maintain shine and health. It is showered 1-2 times a week and never heat-styled. there are one or two patches of bleaching that are very small and only in the front section of the hair from when I was testing out how my hair would bleach and decided against doing more. 99.99% of the hair is virgin and healthy, I eat a well-balanced diet and exercise regularly.