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Venetian Blonde 12 in, Virgin Hair, Curly Ringlets/Loose Curls

$ 221.00
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Never dyed, or bleached golden blonde hair. It is loose/ringlet curls that need to be conditioned, and brushed almost every day. I do not smoke. I have been growing it out since high school so about 8 or 9 years now. I will be selling at least 12 inches of it depending how much I have to spare for shoulder length. It was getting hard for me to manage. I grew up rich, and always had food. So my hair should show luster. It is finer, and soft like bunny down. Depending on the light it can look reddish blonde. But, it is translucent when looking at a single strand. When wet it is a dark brown. I am neither white blonde, nor red haired. It's considered a golden blonde called Venetian blonde. Like the old medieval paintings. I accept payments by Paypal, and expect payment upfront. I will send you an invoice once I have your email. I ship via USPS ASAP with my work schedule typically within 72 hours.