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1 meter/ 40" long, black, virgin, healthy, straight , thick, Caucasian hair.

$ 1,500.00
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Hello! I am from Azerbaijan. Caucasian, 38 years old, non smoker, non drinker. The length of my hair is 1 + meter cm / 40" + .
Its wide is 13 cm/ 5 inches. Its natural color is black, never deyed before, it is virgin. I just use shampoo and towel dry then let it dry itself. No splitends. Totally healthy hair. Straight and so silky. It is uncut. And I am not hurry. I sell 80 cm or 31" of my hair. You could come to Azerbaijan, pay the first and bob cut it yourself at a parlor. Or you could pay via Western Union, UPT, Zolotaya Korona or direct to my bank account the first, then I will send it through cargo. +994 55 973 10 02 This is my WhatsApp. Or eMail me, please. uygulamayukle2020@gmail.com