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16" long Gorgeous, Thick, Shiny, Virgin Brown Hair

$ 179.00
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Hello! I have beautiful, thick, shiny virgin brown hair.
16" length and 3" thick.

I eat a whole foods plant-based diet which helps my hair grow very fast, healthy, and strong. I get regular hair trims to keep split ends away, and only use heat on hair 1-2 times per month.

I have donated my hair to locks of love 2 times and this time I am needing to earn a little extra money so I would love to sell you my well taken care of, well-loved, gorgeous hair.

I am a very wholistic, granola person who uses no chemical in my home, no smoking, no alcohol, I take herb supplements every day and treat my hair, body, and home with love and respect.

I am ready to cut my hair once payment is received.