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26″ Silky Straight Virgin Soft Hair

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$ 400.00
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I have 26+ inches of incredible healthy straight black virgin hair. It is 4 1/2″ in thickness and is one of the silkiest hairs I have ever seen.

As you can see it’s really beautiful and well maintained for more than 6+ years. Well looked after, have taken great care of it and well maintained. Often receive compliments everyday about how much people love the hair and they want to keep touching them.
- Never been treated with chemicals or any dyes.
- Never used any heat styling: Air dry only. Never used a blow drier.
- Used Shampoo and condition every other day.
- Hair comes from a smoke-free and drug free environment supplied with a healthy diet and high vitamin food.
- The hair is all virgin, natural, healthy, undamaged and with little/no split ends

The Cut:
Hair has been braided tightly and was cut at a professional salon secured neatly in an air sealed plastic bag to keep it away from any elements with hair elastics. The length that is cut is over 26 inches when braided. It will be longer when you let it loose. (around 30 inches}. The circumference where it is cut is over 4.5 inches. It still smells like fresh air and feels great. Just feeling it you will know how special the hair is hair in terms of the softness and silkiness.

I can ship it as soon as I receive payment via PayPal/Venmo.