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27 Yr-Old Female Brunette Virgin Hair Braid Thick/Long

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$ 450.00
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Good Morning Interested Guests To My Ad:

First off, I am new to the hair selling world; never knew this was even a possibility. (lol) I knew donation was a definite cause out there but heard of this and said I would give it a try...

My price listed is an approximation; I will be measuring an exact thickness and length once braided just ask me details. Price estimated from this site “justsellmy hair.com” from their calculator listed on the menu... If you would like to offer a decent amount please feel free as I am cool with most any offers...

I am a 27 year old young woman; my hair had not been cut in two and a half years because I couldn’t afford the costs. Last night, on Tuesday, March 24th of 2020, I personally cut my own hair for the first time. First thinned it out (with a set of three thinning scissors in leather case I have listed on eBay as I am never going to need them again, haha... if anyone’s interested!) Anyhow I think about 6 inches in length was cut off the bottom all around each at about 4/5 inches thick per bunch; plus the thinning out I did adds something hair strands...

I looked up virgin hair which I was unsure if I qualified. I’ve dyed my hair with a couple blonde highlights like a year ago but by now they are definitely faded out; if that counts?!

My hair is a dark brown as natural color with some natural blonde highlights when I go in the sun; strange enough. Very thick hair; ask if more details or info needed! (:

(978) 361-7060 Text this cell plz