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Black straight virgin hair (never curled or dyed)

$ 300.00
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My hair is black and straight and I am of asian heritage. It has been taken care of. I wash my hair 3 times a week with shampoo and conditioner. It is around 15.5 inches and is all natural (virgin hair). I have never used any heat treatment or dye on my hair in my life. There are no white hairs but there are some split ends. There are some naturally curled hairs (please reference picture). 1 hair bundle is around 3 inches in circumference. There are 2 bundles, buyers can choose to buy 1 bundle or 2 bundles. Each bundle is packaged in two sections, in case buyers want to use 1 bundle separately. My hair has been cut as of May 5 2020. I am asking for $300 per bundle, but the price is negotiable.