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Straight Virgin Hair 16 Inches

$ 600.00
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Hello! This is wavy 16-inch long, soft, silky virgin hair. HAIR DENSITY 4-5 INCHES. The hair was washed and conditioned regularly 2-3 times a week and was always air-dried, never having been blowdried, dyed, or heat damaged. The young woman whose hair this was is healthy and maintains a balanced diet, taking supplements and vitamins as well. She is a European that exercised regularly and took excellent care of her hair. She kept her hair up in a bun most of the time but was complimented every time she wore it down. The hair is shiny and has small streaks of gold in it when seen in the sunlight. The hair has never been exposed to smoke or alcohol and is drug-free. The hair will cut professionally and is tied at the top, ready to be sold through PayPal.