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Human Hair extensions / hand made / chemically unprocessed / machine welf

$ 250.00
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I want to make it clear from the beginning. What I am selling is human hair chemically unprocessed. I DO NOT sell plastic hair, animal hair, mixed hair. I joined this industry because I have such a passion for hair and hair extensions. I personally wear extensions and sooo many years it was a nightmare because I couldn't find proper extensions. After a few washes, they were terrible and I couldn't wear them at all. So I have decided to join the industry and create my own extensions. I personally collect the hair from the donors and I choose only the hair that is healthy and wasn't colored. All the hair that I collect is hand-selected so I can offer to you and to myself the best quality. After I hand-selected the hair, I disinfected it, I wash it, I let it to dry naturally and then I sew it with professional machines. My extensions come in one piece of 2 meters ( 6.56 feet) and I can provide different lengths. What I have now on stock is 20 inches, 22 inches, and 24 inches. As an idea, I have the same extensions for more than 3 years and I blow dry and curly my hair twice a week. You can wear my extensions with clip-on, sew-in, micro rings, nano rings also keratin.
I don't put acid on the hair to soften the hair, I don't use keratin on the hair, I don't use any chemical product on it. When I wash it I do it with natural products. And as I want to give you a natural product, I only sell the hair in natural colors, natural black or dark brown.
With love ❤