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18" of Natural, Beautiful Chestnut Brown Hair

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$ 480.00
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Selling 18 inches of all natural, almost virgin hair for $480. Almost virgin because I put a non-permanent washout color on it for an event in the last year. However, the color washed out easily and has long been washed out. My hair has never been permed, straightened, permanently dyed or bleached and I do not use heat on it.

My hair is 3 inches thick- although the part I'm selling is closer to 2.5 inches (it was layered years ago). The color is somewhat of a chestnut brown or between a medium brown and a caramel brown with its natural red undertones. It looks different depending on the lighting. I have posted photos in different light for you to see.

My hair is straight but has some wave to it. It also holds a nice wave after being in a braid. I keep my hair in a braid or bun most of the time. I wash and condition it with 100% sulfate free quality hair products 1 time a week and deep condition it once in a while with homemade, natural products. I only air-dry my hair after washing it.

I eat a healthy, balanced diet, exercise regularly, take multi-vitamins, nutrition supplements and drink plenty of water. I live in a very healthy smoke free home. I have never smoked, used drugs or drank alcohol.

Unless I agree to have the buyer cut my hair, I will have it professionally cut when PayPal payment is confirmed.