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Best quality, blonde, virgin, healthy male hair!

$ 450.00
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Hey! I’m selling my hair again after 4 years of growing! I am traveller and this is the way how I manage my money for my travels by selling hair!
I don’t use alcohol or cigarettes last 5 years, I have never coloured or straighten my hair, I do fitness and consume only healthy food! The length of my hair is approx 40 cm might be a bit longer!
I will cut my hair when we will agree with all terms and conditions!
Now it is becoming a little bit difficult to go from one place to other so I decided to sell my hair in order to get money for my trip to Nepal!
At the moment I am in Turkey but originally from Latvia!
You can follow my journey on Instagram as well - Alternative Traveller
More info - send me an email, price is a little bit negotiable!
my email is nilsaleksis@gmail.com