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Response to "Beware of fraudulent add below. Freshly Cut 17-22” Shiny ThickRich Black Wavy...."

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This is my response to "Beware of fraudulent add below. Freshly Cut 17-22” Shiny ThickRich Black Wavy Asian Hair", since you have made it very public.
What transpired yesterday was hurtful to both parties
I showed the photos to the stylist but she told us many excuses: how it would not suit me since my hair was different/how her clippers would break/how it was tedious to follow what we asked. Then we said that we would leave. She went silent & continued to cut my hair & I had the photo on hand to show her the cut I requested.
I was aware after that I was left with longer than what you asked.
Regarding what you said in your post, you are not the only person that lost something from this incident. I lost my hair that I took great care of for 2-3 years. I am sincere and honest in my conversations & negotiations I took a great effort in fulfilling every request which included additional photos & videos & I also went through the process of getting mobile data to fulfill your request for video calling through the process
The already cut was truly 17-22 as I measured after and I only gave you the rough estimate of bare minimum length measured a week prior since I had layered hair
I do not deserve the slander that you have brought through that post when the events that transpired were due to miscommunication with a stubborn stylist
I have deleted the post since this was a traumatic experience for me. Do not throw wrongful and hurtful accusations that you are not entirely informed on