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Hair of 14-year-old children who have never been cut, curled, or dyed.

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Hello! I come from Vietnam.
This is my second daughter's hair. (youngest daughter) Her height is 154 cm. My daughter is a 14-year-old child. She has the longest hair, among the children in my country. You will never find a child. have long hair like her hair.
Her hair is of great value and meaning. Because, I took care of her hair very carefully, for twelve years.
Her hair has never been cut since birth. The hair is thick, shiny, very soft. Black and very healthy.
Her hair has never been dyed, curled, or treated.
Never use any heat on her hair. No split ends with no damage.
Usually, keep your hair in a braid or and wash your hair only once a week. Healthy diet.
The thickness of 4in hair. The length of hair after cutting is equal to 40in.(40in is cut) I only sell counts from the shoulders down. Because she is a student. Uncut hair. Very well and very well.
When I receive your payment. I will immediately cut her hair and send it to the address you provided.
If you want to directly receive the hair. I will provide my home address to you later.
please email me: quynhnga9983@gmail.com.
I look forward to receiving a reply from you soon.