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$ 250.00
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Thank you for your interest in my hair.
-now 17-19' since posting date
-never been hot oiled, rebonded, bleached,colored,straight treatmented
-is cut v shape at the back so length may vary
-black indoors,dark brown in sun
-many compliments for its natural waves at mid end/tips
-no split ends, no brittleness, soft and luscious ends
-air dried, no heat damaged.
-high quality hair care
-mainly straight, slight waves if slept on damp, dries straight when combed straight while damp
-careful detangling, no hair breakage
-has layers(not huge though), just because of v-cut shape
-organic food daily, take vitamins
-no smoking,no drinking

There is an issue though.
If you want to still buy it I'd be more than happy to sell it to you.

Lemme give you details of what has happened so far.

There was already someone who wanted to buy my hair, we discussed how it would go. Payment and price. Everything was all settled and set for the hair.
Last Oct 17 I got my hair all shaved off, I have videos for proof too if you need them and have carefully sealed off the hair in plastic bags.
Sadly the supposed buyer scammed me and never payed up for the original price and asked for so many weird videos and pictures.
In short my hair wasn't sold and I still have it with me.And yes I'm still looking for a buyer because I badly need the money for my family.