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$ 200.00
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Thank you for your interest in my hair.

I recently got all of my hair shaved off. and I'm selling it at the lowest price I can.
these were supposed to be sold to a certain Australian man, but he didn't pay up and kept giving useless excuses. I'm looking to sell it still for the hair to not go to waste.
I won't be able to send anymore "weirdly requested" pictures as well due to bad experience, so I hope ya'll understand. I'm looking to sell it for 200$(price of the hair and postage)
Do give me a message through my email if you'd be interested to buy it

-now 17-19' since posting date
-never been hot oiled, rebonded, bleached,colored,straight treatmented
-is cut v shape at the back so length may vary
-black indoors,dark brown in sun
-many compliments for its natural waves at mid end/tips
-no split ends, no brittleness, soft and luscious ends
-air dried, no heat damaged.
-high quality hair care
-mainly straight, slight waves if slept on damp, dries straight when combed straight while damp
-careful detangling, no hair breakage
-has layers(not huge though), just because of v-cut shape
-organic food daily, take vitamins
-no smoking,no drinking